Whether you are for or against the coronavirus vaccine, I am not debating that here. This actually isn't even a vaccine debate at all. It's about what is happening after the vaccine is being administered to people. The coronavirus vaccine being given is a huge deal to a lot of people and whoever is getting them want to publicize it. I get it and I was all for it, but it might not be the best idea. The Better Business Bureau wants people to be very careful about sharing their COVID-19 vaccination cards on social media. They actually are not recommending you do it at all. It's not because of criticism, it's because there's a big risk that goes along with it. Yahoo says, people are already finding ways to steal identities and even sell those cards for people to make fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

The Better Business Bureau has some tips for you to still share the good news that you've been vaccinated, but remain safe, like sharing a pic of the sticker instead of the card. That way there is no personal information given at all on social media.

It's crazy to think that you really don't know who can see what you post on Instagram. You can make your profiles private, but there is still a way hackers can get into computers and get info they want on you. It also upsets me that people make a living by screwing people over. Scammers are just terrible people. I know that everyone needs to make a living, but there has to be something else these people can do, especially if they are so smart with technology, they should be able to find a job. It can be a real job with a salary, benefits and it would be a job that they can do and actually go to bed with a clean conscience.

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