Have you ever noticed that god-awful smell in Philly's Center City subway commuter concourse? It's kind of hard to miss. Actually, you can smell the stench from outside of the tunnel. And it never really leaves you. Once you walk through that tunnel you can't stop smelling the smell. It gets in your clothes, seeps into your pores, and even haunts you in your dreams. Okay, that's excessive. But I did feel like I still smelled the smell of urine hours after I had walked through the subway tunnel and was at home in the comfort of my bed.

Philadelphia residents have changed the name to "Urine Tunnel."Specifically the concourse right under city hall.  Why? Well, that is self-explanatory. It is no secret that people pee up and down the tunnel. Whether it is the homeless or drunks taking a squat after a night of partying, the tunnel has become one giant toilet. The smell is terrible. Urine Tunnel is a hallway in the subway concourse that no one goes through by choice. Usually, the only way you get to this giant empty space is by accident or a wrong turn.


You end up there, and you swear on your life to never go back. Especially the times there is poop on the walls. That adds a little razzle-dazzle to it.

"I always felt like there was a risk of being stabbed walking down these halls.. you want to leave the subway as soon as you get off, but one wrong turn and here you are!" - Reddit user.

Some people say that after a while you get used to the smell. Yet, I don't know if a person can ever get used to the smell of poop and cat urine, mixed with feet, sweat, and bad decisions.


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