Do you really need to brush your teeth right before going to the dentist? Hmmmm.

I know what you're probably going to say...of course you do, right? Well, I had a little dilemma today.

I had a dentist appointment after work. I knew it was going to be a busy day so I'd have to go right from work to the dentist. It's about a half hour ride to the dentist, so I thought to myself last night that I should bring my toothbrush to work so I could brush before I go.

Wellll, that didn't happen. I forgot to bring a toothbrush with me to work. If I don't put a reminder in my phone there's a good chance I'm not going to remember whatever I was supposed to remember.

Ugghhh. What was I going to do now?  To make matters worse, I couldn't stop home before the appointment even if I wanted to because the streets in my neighborhood were being paved all day...of course they were. Could this day get any worse? I know it could, but, I was pretty mortified that I'd have to show up at my dentist with unbrushed teeth.

Then I started to think about it...why did I need to brush my teeth just to get them cleaned again during my appointment?  I was trying to convince myself that it would be ok to not brush. Lol.

I even asked Joe during the show this morning if he had an extra toothbrush with him that I could have because he has everything in his car...everything...but, he didn't. He only had his with him, which he pulled out of his backpack to show me. I'll address that another time. Lol. He told me just to ask for a toothbrush when I got there and brush. But, that would be admitting that I didn't brush before getting there.

After much thought, I decided just go to the appointment...I was going to get there right on time...and ask for a toothbrush to brush. I still was questioning what I thought was right all brush before I went...because my teeth were just going to be cleaned anyway. I wondered the whole way there whether the hygienist even cared if I brushed first. I decided to ask her and settle this inner debate once and for all.

I walked in to the office with my unbrushed teeth, tried to act casual when she called me name (I was kind of nervous), and I just blurted out that I didn't have time to brush before and asked if she wanted me to before the cleaning.

Her answer?  A very quick, "Nah, no big deal" with hand gesture like who cares. Phew. What a relief. She didn't care at all.

Wow. I felt so free. Lol.

There you have it. An age old debate settled.

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