You may have heard my family welcomed a puppy into our home last Friday. She's the cutest, sweetest Cockapoo puppy, as picked by you, the PST listeners. Back story, my family couldn't agree on which puppy should come home with us, so we asked you to vote between a Coonhound, Champagne Lab, and a Cockapoo. The Cockapoo won the vote, and quickly won our hearts.

Next, she needed a name, and once again, my family couldn't agree on what it should be. Ugh. On Facebook, I was being asked over and over again what her name was, and I was embarrassed to say we didn't have one yet. Bad. Dog. Mom. I was afraid she was going to start to think her name was Good Girl, because that's how we addressed her when she ate, went potty, or sat when we told her too. Lol. A PST listener suggested on Facebook that I let all of you vote again. Perfect. My family came up with 3 possible names, and we let you vote.

The possible names were:

Maizey - My husband, John, came up with this name. His favorite college football team is University of Michigan. The team colors are Blue & Maize (a yellow).

Reese - This is the name I came up with. I think her color is similar to my favorite candy, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Maddie - My hubby wanted to name our daughter Madison, but, I thought there were too many Madisons in the world at the time, so we went with Bailey (which we both loved too).

After thousands of votes, the winning name is...Maizey. My husband John is thrilled. Lol. We all love it. It already fits her so well. Thank you so much.

Chris Rollins
Chris Rollins

I can't believe I'm a dog mom. I was never much of a dog person, but, she has certainly changed my mind.

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