Let's be real, a lot of us really don't talk to our neighbors that much. Now, with the coronavirus, there is zero chance that we'll talk to them. One thing is for sure, we would want to know if any of our neighbors have tested positive for COVID-19.

On realtor.com there was a question that really caught our attention. “Are residents required to inform building management if they contract COVID-19?"

According to realtor.com, if your neighbors happen to be infected they are not legally required to share their health status. That's scary, right? This has to be a little more stressful for those that live in a big apartment complex that have to share a main entrance and other things of that sort.

If you happen to live in an apartment complex one thing you must know is that the tenant is not required to share that information with the management. In fact, it was mentioned on realtor.com that this has bothered many people.

It makes sense why people wouldn't want to share their medical conditions, but attorney Shmulewitz told realtor.com that disclosing your condition would be "the neighborly thing to do." No one wants to become the talk of the town so that's why many neighbors would rather keep it private.

Let's all help stop the spread of the coronavirus by staying home. Stay safe.

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