Normally when I see something on social media I don't even think of trying it because I feel like all of these TikTok and Instagram posts are just false advertisements.

I am sure that you have noticed on TikTok that there is a hack for everything. To the point that some TikTok videos have shown how to get free gas by putting in a code on the gas pump keypad. That sounds like a complete lie so I will definitely not be trying that one.

Another hack that I have heard is searching for flights on the "private" browser on your iPhone. This hack allegedly helps you to be able to find cheaper flights. I always thought it was a lie because how can that possibly work?

I finally gave in and tried the hack for myself. Well, it looks like it did actually help me save a little. Maybe it was just luck and I happened to run into a cheap flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles but either way, I saved over $100. Seriously, I did and it made my day.

I am not saying that this will work for everyone but it worked for me.

I started to Google the hack to see if it's actually a thing that works and it seems like there are bloggers out there that rained on my parade with the "private" browser hack.

On the Travel + Leisure website, I found an article that states that the whole incognito aka private browser does not actually help you find free flights.

As a matter of fact, folks at Travel + Leisure were able to talk to a flight search company who told them that the incognito flight search is a false advertisement. If it was true that the private browser helped find cheaper flights, travel agencies "would have a much harder time finding deals."

I guess I just got lucky but either way, I will continue to try it and see if I can find cheaper flights every time.

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