When you are searching for flights have you ever gotten frustrated because you are so close to the Trenton Mercer Airport but there are no flights from there to your destination?

I know for a fact that has frustrated me many times.

If you want to get out of the crazy cold that we get in the month of February just know that you will be able to do so. Bucks County Courier Times recently reported that the Trenton Mercer Airport will be offering flights from Trenton to Fort Lauderdale starting February 17.

We learned from Bucks County Courier Times that these flights from Trenton Mercer Airport to Fort Lauderdale International Airport will be direct flights. That is good because layovers are annoying.

Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, and now Fort Lauderdale are all of the places that Frontier Airlines will offer flights to from Trenton Mercer Aiport.

This big move will help Bucks County and Mercer County residents avoid those long drives or train rides to Philadelphia International Airport or Newark Liberty International Airport.

Daniel Shurz, Frontier's senior vice president of commercial travel, told Bucks County Courier Times, "We look forward to welcoming travelers onboard to these popular vacation destinations this winter and beyond."

This is not the only big project coming to the Trenton Mercer Airport. Buck County Courier Times shared that the other big project is to expand the "current passenger terminal and to construct a parking garage at the airfield off I-295 in Mercer County."

That sounds like it can possibly become an airport that locals can use to go to their favorite vacation spots real soon.

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