I love french fries. Not just as a side dish, but sometimes as a main course.

Traveling last week my wife and I stopped into one of our favorite places in Vermont and ordered pulled pork cheese fries. Wow. Of course, that got me thinking that there are some awesome fry places closer to home.

One of the best places for french fries in New Jersey is a simple burger joint in Highland Park, White Rose Hamburgers.

Survey after survey, they rank at the top of people's lists as a go-to staple if you need a burger and fries.

I'm a tad embarrassed to say that even though I have lived in five different New Jersey counties and called the state home for most of my life and career, eaten in hundreds of Garden State restaurants, I've never been to White Rose.

Thinking that with so many Jerseyans saying it's the place to beat, this may be my weekend stop.

What's your go-to place for fries? Let's leave the Jersey Shore Boardwalk out of the conversation because they are all a different version of delicious.

If you pressed me, I'd probably land on Curley's fries on the Wildwood Boardwalk as the best fries in Jersey. It may be based on great childhood memories of hanging out on the famous South Jersey boardwalk, but I'm pretty sure that regardless of an emotional connection, these fries are among the best you can get.


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