Happy Earth Day!

When you think of Philly, what is the first thought that comes Cheesesteak and French Fry Grease will Soon be Powering Philadelphia to your mind? For me and most Philadelphians, Philly is synonymous with cheesesteaks. And now, a new partnership between Lifecycle Renewables and Vicinity Energy turns used vegetable oil from cheesesteaks and French fries into green energy?! I know it sounds a little strange, but when you think about it, it's so innovative and smart!  Now I definitely do NOT feel so bad about eating so many cheesesteaks.

According to CBS, every week Lifecycle Renewables’ collection trucks drive around to different restaurants in Philly to suction out the barrels of grease that would typically be placed into landfills or sewers. From there, it’s unloaded at a Chester facility and processed into green energy and distributed through Vicinity Energy’s two local plants and 40 miles of pipeline laying under the city.


The CEO of Vicinity Energy, Bill DiCroce, shared that, “It can go straight to our plant to be burned as an alternative to heating oil. With no carbon footprint.” He also said that Philly is the second largest system in North America, right behind Manhattan.

So now every time you go to Pat's or Geno's and order a cheesesteak and a large fry, jus know you are helping Philly go green.


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