This is brilliant. Domino's feels awful for the couples who have had to postpone their weddings because of the coronavirus, so, they're trying to make their crappy situation a little better by creating a Rain Check Registry, according to Yahoo Life, because pizza makes everything better.

So, what is Domino's Rain Check Registry? It's Pizza therapy. Lol. At a time when engaged couples should be so happy, counting down the days until their perfectly planned wedding and opening gifts from their gift registry, they are scrambling to make new, altered plans instead. That's stressful, very stressful. Calls have to made to all the vendors, trying to figure out when to reschedule, if at all. Heartbreaking. These couples emotions are all over the place, so the registry will allow their family and friends to send them pizza, sandwiches, and even desserts to help get them through this tough time.

If you are one of these couples (I'm so sorry) you can register with Domino's, get your custom URL, and send it to your loved ones. Then, they can send you food. Maybe this can be your bachelor/bachelorette party that had to be postponed too, or the fuel you need to marathon call everyone that needs to be called in order to make your wedding finally happen. Domino's has different meal bundles that you can check out here.

Kate Trumbull, Domino's Vice President of Advertising said in a press release that Domino's fans deserve something special if their wedding had to be postponed. "We created Domino's Wedding Registry because pizza-loving couples have shared over the years how Domino's pizza was a part of their big day. With so many weddings being postponed or scaled back in 2020, we knew those couples might need some extra love from those around them, because everything is better with pizza."

The food gifts you can give these couples are so cute. You can check them out here.

There are local Domino's Pizza shops in Princeton, Ewing, Trenton, Hamilton, East Windsor, Burlington, Morrisville, Langhorne, and more.

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