Courier Post reports that the cheesesteak place that was once featured on Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown is coming to Mount Holly. Donkey's Place, which first began in Camden is now opening a location in Mount Holly. This will be their second location in Burlington County, the other location is in Medford. Donkey's Place only serves cheesesteaks, fries, and a few other side items, but they created such a reputation for themselves that Anthony Bourdain even heard about them. Donkey's Place serves up their cheesesteaks on a poppy seed roll, which makes them very different from other cheesesteak places as those are served on a long hoagie roll.

The location that will hopefully be the new home of Donkey's Place is 37R Washington St. in Mount Holly behind the Municipal Utilities Authority building. Lots of zoning and approvals need to happen and they are in the process of all of that now. Hopefully we will find out an opening date because I know a lot of people are anxious to hear that.

Cheesesteaks are delicious and I know we live so close to Philadelphia, but I think New Jersey's cheesesteaks are just as good. I love the cheesesteaks on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk. Anywhere you get them is good, but the best one is at Midway Steak House. Is right smack in the middle of the boardwalk and it has a huge rotating sign that you can't miss. There's nothing like a good hearty cheesesteak with cheese and sauteed onions on top. Yum.

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