Thinking back to when this quarantine started, the first thing we were all saying was "load up on toilet paper, Lysol wipes and booze.” It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time, right?

According to FOX29, drinking a lot while you are quarantined at home isn't the healthiest. Experts have mentioned that drinking too much can weaken your immune system and put you more at risk to catch the coronavirus.

If you are only having a few drinks on the weekend, it isn't too bad but it can still affect your body. We learned from FOX29 that the people that will be highly affected and who’s immune systems will be weakened are those that do a lot of heavy drinking very often.

Your immune system takes a hit quickly after getting drunk. mentioned that it can weaken your system within 5 hours. That's pretty quick.

Now that we know this we all have to be careful with the heavy drinking. FOX29 also mentioned that The Mayo Clinic has said that heavy drinking can cause pneumonia, an illness that grows on people that had symptoms of the coronavirus.

As always let's drink responsibly while we are at home.

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