Attention coffee drinkers in the Lawrenceville area: The Dunkin' location on Route 206 is closing temporarily, starting Saturday, January 4th, for renovations, according to the Lawrence Township NJ Community Facebook page.

I just spoke with an employee at the store and he confirmed the news, saying their last day open will be tomorrow (Friday, January 3rd), and they will be closed for "3 to 4 weeks" for remodeling. He didn't reveal specifically what the changes will be when I asked. Hmmm...maybe some comfy chairs, like the Dunkin' on Brunswick Avenue and Whitehead Road in Lawrence. That's a newer location, and it's nice...someplace you'd hang out for a while. There's local artwork on the walls. It has a cool vibe. That's probably your next closest location, if you need a substitute while the Route 206 one is closed.

If you're scratching your head trying to figure out where this location is than you must not be that big of a Dunkin' It's the one that attached to Varsity Pizza, next to Lawrence Road Fire Company, across from St. Ann's Catholic Church (1278 Lawrence Road).


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