Are the residents of Mercer County, NJ bigger fans of Dunkin’ or Starbucks?

Honestly, I feel like this depends on the person you’re asking. I think different generations have different preferences for coffee.


The Gen Z and Millenial generation are more likely to go to Starbucks and get the cold brews coffees with sweet cream cold foam, but other generations are more into the black coffee with milk and sugar type of vibe.

At Starbucks, I feel like you have more options to get yourself a bougie coffee.

You can add however many pumps of flavoring that you want and they always have multiple roasts of coffee.


The downside of Starbucks which is also the upside of Dunkin’ is the prices.

Although Starbucks has way more options than Dunkin’, it will start to burn a hole through your wallet if you’re going every morning for your daily cup of coffee.

This debate is something people take extremely seriously, so I was curious to see which is more loved by everyone who lives in the area.

I was counting the difference in locations in the Mercer County area too. There are roughly 13 different Starbucks locations in Mercer County, NJ alone, but that doesn’t compare to the over 20 locations Dunkin’ has in the county.

This for sure has something to do with the ratings to a certain extent just because of the level of convenience.

Starbucks locations have been popping up more and more as of just recently, but Dunkin’ locations have been in place for years in the area. So which coffee chain would you rather stop at?

Does money matter when you’re stopping for your daily cup of coffee? Or do you care more about the bougie add-ins?

Vote below!

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