Lately, many people on social media have complained about the latest regulations that the state of New Jersey has implemented due to the coronavirus. One of the regulations that has been bothering people the most is the fact that Governor Murphy is not allowing bars and restaurants to stay open after 10 pm.

Some folks have gotten extremely frustrated, saying that it is ridiculous that the bars and restaurants have to close early. Some have said that it is crazy because it is not like coronavirus comes out stronger after 10 pm.

We don't know if we agree or disagree with them but what we do know is that the early closing time for bars and restaurants is affecting Atlantic City. According to FOX 29, the Borgata casino in Atlantic City was forced to cut jobs and hours from some of its employees since the day that the announcement was made. The casino president, Melonie Johnson, let all the employees know that the move was made "to modify our staffing levels" after the new regulations were put out by Governor Phil Murphy.

FOX 29 stated that Melonie Johnson also let all of the casino employees know that once the regulations have been lifted, the hours will be restored and they will bring back employees. The bad part of this whole situation is that no one knows what the governor of the state of New Jersey will do next and when the regulations will be removed.

As of now, no other casinos have reported layoffs due to the hour changes, according to FOX 29.

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