The Easter Bunny briefly became decapitated during a recent parade in New Jersey to celebrate the holiday, which of course, was meant to spread joy during this crazy time.

Many local car parades drove by neighborhoods featuring a fully suited up Easter Bunny – big ears to a fluffy cottontail. Once town experienced a rather shocking turn of events though when the local Margate City Fire Department, in Atlantic County, accidentally “decapitated” their Easter Bunny, reports.

The firefighter on top the truck doing rounds through neighborhoods was wearing a bunny costume when his head was hit by a stray tree branch, knocking off the head of the costume, reports.

Luckily it was captured on video, and of course, it was posted to Facebook by a local resident who wrote “Easter bunny decapitated in my NJ town.” The Margate firefighter who was in the bunny costume was even tagged.

The post has received more than 50,000 shares and has thousands of comments from joking about kids being scared for life to just enjoying a laugh at the harmless yet unfortunate occurrence.

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