I love all of the fun Spring and Easter events that start happening around this time of year. The sun is finally out and we can ditch those winter coats and just enjoy being outside again.

With Easter coming up, I’m sure you’ve seen a hundred and one different egg hunts that you can take your kids to. They’re always such an adorable way to get your kids out and about doing something to get ready for the Easter holiday.

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Well, if you’re kidless or if you want to treat your dog to a day of fun in New Jersey, this event is just the thing that you and your pup need. A Dog Egg Hunt is happening in New Jersey this year and it’s coming up very soon.

Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt in New Jersey

An event being run by Doggie Sweets is happening in Long Branch, New Jersey, and everyone is welcome to bring their furry friends for a day of fun on the beach in Long Branch.

If you didn’t know, Long Branch is known for having a dog-friendly beach and this is the cutest event that takes place there. Doggie Sweets posted that dogs and their owners will be split into two categories once the egg hunt takes off. One category will be large/medium and the second will be small.

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Then the pups and their owners will hit the sand and start digging for some dog toys and there are even special eggs hidden throughout the roped-off section of the beach. All of the proceeds from this event will benefit Jersey Shore Animal Shelter.

This is a great way to get your dog out of the house they’ve been trapped in all winter and to socialize with other dogs! Check out more info, here.

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