The five-member Riddle Family just downsized... yes, downsized to a tiny home in Egg Harbor that Andrew and Amanda built together. The Rachael Ray Show actually just did a segment featuring their 320 square foot home. Wednesday at 2 pm in the segment aired and you can check it out for yourself on
On YouTube, you can find the Riddle family as the "Tiny Vikings." They have three videos on their site already, one being a tour of their current home. A show producer had come across their newfound family business, and that is how their Rachael Ray show feature came across.

The Riddle family launched their own tiny home construction business earlier this year called Team Tiny House. They want to help other families to live mortgage free because that is the reason their family downsized from a traditional family size home in Ocean City. It works out now, but once their children grow older, it doesn't seem like the tiny home will accommodate the not-so-tiny family.

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