Heads up, Mercer County drivers: the upcoming construction on the Quakerbridge Road in West Windsor and Lawrence townships will start tomorrow (June 24).

The construction, which was originally slated to start June 17, will now start on Monday (June 24).

When construction does begin, heavy delays are expected in the area. The delays will last about two weeks, officials say.

Mercer County has announced that emergency bridge repairs will take place on the Quakerbridge Road Bridge (over the train tracks in West Windsor and Lawrence Townships). They'll be closing one lane in each direction until the repairs are finished.

According to the county's traffic alert, "The bridge deck has been deemed structurally deficient to the extent that parts of the deck, headers, deck joints, approaches, and both sidewalks need to be repaired immediately."

So, yeah, you can expect big time delays.

They're anticipating it being closed for about 15 days if the weather cooperates. As you know, the weather's been so crazy around here lately, so there is probably a good chance that it may take longer.

Just thought you'd like a heads up....you may want to find a new way to work for the next couple of weeks, it's going to be jammed in that area. Great way to start the day, huh?

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