Are your leaves still in the front of your house? Are you annoyed that they haven't been picked up by the township?

Unless you have them in a big paper bag those leaves that you raked to the end of your driveway will not be picked up.

Ewing Township shared a new, well not really new, rule for the township that requires all residents to put all of their leaves in a paper bag.

If the leaves are not put in a paper bag they will not be picked up by the township. These paper bags have to be biodegradable bags.

On we found an article that shares, "All Leaves and Other Yard Debris (Including Grass) Must Be Placed In Biodegradable PAPER Bags. Containers May Be Used As An Alternative."

If you happen to have the proper container you can save and not have to spend on biodegradable paper bags.

This new leaf and brush collection regulation became effective on October 25, 2021.

Here is some other information you may want to know:

  • Collection of leaves happens the day after garbage day.
  • Must be placed in biodegradable paper bags
  • Loose leaves will NOT be picked up.
  • Leaf bags and containers should not exceed 50 pounds. asks all residents to be very patient as they are experiencing a staff shortage.

With that being said if your garbage or leaves are not picked up "Please Remain Calm And Do Not Panic Thinking That We Forgot Your House / Street Etc. We Will Service All Homes."

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