Looks like you're going to get an expanded and improved Chick fil A by the Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem, PA, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

The Bensalem Council approved several variances giving Chick fil A the ok to go ahead with improvements that should help to alleviate the jammed traffic in that area. That's a relief, huh?  That area is always crazy crowded. There are so many popular stores in that area, along with this Chick fil A

So, what are the improvements? The first one is to make the current one-lane drive thru a two-lane drive thru. Adding another line should cut the traffic in half...it will give the vehicles more room. The next improvement will be building an addition onto the back of the restaurant to allow for a state of the art kitchen. Great idea to handle the customer volume...a lot of people want those amazing nuggets. Lol. The final major improvement will be installing two new canopies for serving. I'm assuming this will shield employees from bad weather and temperature extremes.

The article states there will also be some other "environmental improvements."

You'll notice that the parking area is going to reconfigured also, but, don't worry there won't be any less parking spaces, there are just going to be spots around the back of the restaurant now.

It seems wherever a Chick fil A moves in there are traffic problems...lol...a nod to the trendy, quick service chicken chain. In Hamilton Marketplace (Mercer County, NJ) there is always honking going on because traffic backs up all the way to the traffic light, forcing cars to a halt and stopping the flow of traffic to the other stores.

For more information on the Bensalem expansion, click here.

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