We now know which Family Dollar stores will be closing in the state of Pennsylvania. And bad news! They're all in our immediate area of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Here's what we know about the pending closures:

Family Dollar Announces Plans to Close Stores

Earlier this month we learned that retail giant Family Dollar would be closing about 1,000 stores over the next several years to increase profitability for the struggling chain.

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At the time, they said that about 600 of those closures would take place in the first half of 2024. So we knew this was coming.

Family Dollar to Close Six Stores in Philadelphia

At least six of the retail giant's stores in the state of Pennsylvania will be closing as part of the first round of stores to close their doors.

All six of those stores are located in Philadelphia, reports say. The six Family Dollar stores that are set to close in Philadelphia are as listed below:

  • 1325 Point Breeze Avenue, Philadelphia
  • 4701 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia
  • 1925 West Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia
  • 1955 West Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia
  • 2201 West Cambria Street, Philadelphia
  • 2459 Kensington Avenue, Philadelphia

It's unclear what the final day of business for these six stores is, but we anticipate that it will be soon. In fact, some readers have reported that liquidation sales have already started at those listed above.

Dollar Tree To Close 1,000 Family Dollar Stores
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The news was confirmed by WARN notices posted by the state's Department of Labor and Industry. They say a total of 62 employees will be affected by this round of closures.

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By the way, we estimate that Family Dollar currently operates well over 150 more stores across the state, but it's unclear if there will be future rounds of closures and layoffs in our area.

Why is Family Dollar Closing Stores?

The decision comes from Family Dollar's parent company, Dollar Tree. They bought the Family Dollar chain back in the year 2015 for a total of $8.5 billion.

Dollar Tree To Close 1,000 Family Dollar Stores
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The retailer has struggled a quite bit since the acquisition.

Analysts said that "Family Dollar stores were in poor conditions when Dollar Tree acquired the business back in 2015" according to a report from CNN. And "many stores under both brands are still poorly maintained."

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