Thousands upon thousands of Pennsylvania students will be given the day off on Monday, April 8. And, no, it's not related to Spring Break nor is the school closure connected to any religious holidays.

Instead, it's connected to a pretty big event. These schools will be closing for the 2024 solar eclipse.

Parts of Pennsylvania are in the path of totality for the event, so it makes sense that those districts will give their students a day off.

April's eclipse marks the last one for Western Pennsylvania until 2099. So it's a big deal.

At Least 12 Pennsylvania School Districts Will Be Closed on Monday, April 8, 2024

Nearly every one of Pennsylvania's school districts in the path of totality will be closed that day.

Map showing the totality of the 2024 Solar Eclipse

Logistically? It makes sense. Erie and the surrounding towns, which are in the path of totality are expecting a TON of tourists to flock to town. This will, of course, cause gridlock on the streets — especially at the peak of the eclipse.

The eclipse is set to hit totality at 3:16 p.m in Western Pennsylvania, which coincides with the approximate time of school release.

Here's the list of schools that will be closed on April 8:

  • Corry Area School District
  • Erie Public Schools
  • Fairview School District
  • General McClane School District
  • Girard School District
  • Harbor Creek School District
  • Iroquois School District
  • Millcreek School District
  • North East School District
  • Northwestern School District
  • Union City Area School District
  • Wattsburg School District

Other school districts including the Greenville Area School District will have an early dismissal that afternoon. They're just out of the path of totality for the event, but they will have a great view of the history as well.

As for the rest of Pennsylvania, the eclipse will still be visible but they're not in the path of totality. So we couldn't find many schools further east that were planning on being closed that day (at least not yet).

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So all of that raises questions about the weather forecast, right?

Pennsylvanians Hope for Nice Weather for Eclipse

Pennsylvanians are hoping that we'll have clear skies on April 8, of course. Any clouds that day could disrupt the optimal viewing for this (nearly) once-in-a-lifetime event.

The good news? is showing a great forecast with mostly sunny skies expected in that area on April 8.

Annular Solar Eclipse Passes Over The United States
Getty Images

The bad news? it's April in Pennsylvania. So that forecast can (and likely will) change in the next three weeks. Their forecast is showing showers most of that week.

How accurate is a 21-day forecast? Probably not too much. So we're not holding our breath.

What Is a Total Solar Eclipse?

By the way, if you were wondering what a total solar eclipse is: we've got you covered.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. It obscures the view of the Sun from a small part of the Earth.

Annular Solar Eclipse Passes Over The United States
Getty Images

If you're viewing the eclipse, by the way, don't look directly at the sun because it can damage your eyes. So it's time to break out that pair of eclipse glasses, which you may have from the last eclipse back in 2017.

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