This is interesting. You'll be able to buy alcohol at Family Dollar stores soon, according to 6ABC.

The announcement came yesterday from its parent company, Dollar Tree, that they're adding alcohol to 1,000 of its Family Dollar locations. Unfortunately, they didn't reveal which locations. Their hope is the addition of alcohol will boost sales, which have been lagging recently.

Also, came word that they're going to turn about 200 Family Dollar stores into Dollar Tree stores, and further test, at about 100 stores, selling some things for more than $1. They're going to call those products "Dollar Tree Plus" items. No specific locations were announced for these test products either.

Other improvements you can expect to see at Family Dollar stores are more freezers and coolers, and an expanded party goods section.

They'll also be closing 390 underperforming Family Dollar stores by the end of the year. No locations have been anounced yet.

Local Family Dollar stores are in Ewing, Trenton, Levittown, and Trevose.

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