It's just a drill.

You'll probably hear that a lot in June when there will be more planes than normal flying in and out of Trenton-Mercer Airport in Ewing, NJ, and some will be in the evening hours.

Trenton-Mercer Airport will be used for military drills

The local airport will be used for military training, according to Mercer County officials,

The training will be realistic, so could easily be mistaken for a real situation, so the public is being warned that it's just training.

Here's when you need to keep this in mind:

The military training will take place from Monday, June 3rd - Friday, June 14.

During that time expect a heavy military presence in the skies around Trenton-Mercer Airport and you many hear more airplane noise.

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There will be air and ground mobility drills taking place.

Mercer Me is reporting, "The U.S. military has meticulously planned the exercises to minimize community impact."

The military drills at Trenton-Mercer Airport are not open to the public

Military officials would also like to advise the public that the training drills are closed to the public.

Although it seems cool, like something out of the Top Gun movies, you will not be allowed in the airport to watch the action.

These drills are to prepare for real-life situations and are not open to the public or the media. The exercises are private to keep everyone safe.

Once again, between June 3rd and June 14th, there will be planned U.S. military drills taking place at Trenton-Mercer Airport. Do not be alarmed. There will be military planes in the area and there could be more airplane noise than normal.

Trenton-Mercer Airport is located at 1100 Terminal Circle Drive in Ewing, NJ.

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