I don’t know if I say it a lot, but I am a total fast-food lover. It’s more of a curse than anything, but going out and getting a fast food burger and a large fountain soda is one of lifes many pleasures.

That being said, I feel like there are a ton of fast-food restaurants that haven’t made their way to our area yet, and I’m saying it’s the time! Obviously, there are a ton of fast-food restaurants that are widely popular in other parts of the country that I'm sure I’ve never even heard of, but I still want to try them.


For years, I have been wanting to try In-N-Out, but in order to get an animal-style double-double, I’d have to buy a plane ticket too! W

e have our fair share of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bells, and Burger Kings in the Mercer County area, but there are so many other chains out there that would do so well in our area! Something that I find cool but frustrating is that a lot of fast-food stops are kind of restricted to different areas of the country.


In the southern states, there are places like Bojangles that you can only find in select states. Same with Del Taco, and more! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total McDonald’s girl, but do we really need 7 in 1 county?

We could easily get rid of one and add something fun like White Castle! Well, my rant’s over. Here are a bunch of fast-food restaurants that are wildly popular throughout the country that we desperately need in Mercer County!

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We have our fair share of McDonald's, Taco Bells, and Wendy's in the area, but this is what we're missing!

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