White Castle is giving away free 10-packs of sliders from now till August 31st.

In honor of the 15 year anniversary of 'Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle' and the launch of White Castle's new app they decided to celebrate with Uber Eats by giving away 1 million White Castle sliders.

So, here is the deal with this awesome promo.

You get 10 free original sliders when you buy $10 worth of food and drinks from White Castle through their brand new app.

Next, follow these steps to claim your free food. Thrillest.com says, "To work this magic, click the “Sack of 10 Original Sliders” option from the app’s White Castle menu and use the promo code 1MILLIONSLIDERS."

You can also order the 'Harold & Kumar' deal, which is basically what the two ordered in the movie. Thrillest.com says the order includes, "30 sliders, five orders of French fries, and four Cherry Cokes (or Diet Cokes) for $23.40."


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