What's your leprechaun name? I know you can't wait to find out. Lol. Everyone has to have a leprechaun name for St. Patrick's Day.

Even though I'm not even the least bit Irish, I still like to have some St. Patrick's Day fun, so let's do this.

I found this fun name generator on BlogThings. All you have to do is type in y our name and it'll give you your leprechaun name (plus you'll see a picture of the cutest little leprechaun you've ever seen).

My leprechaun name is Fluffy O' Fiddles. I love it. I think I kind of look like a Fluffy O' Fiddles, right?
The rest of the Crew put their names in the generator too, here's what we got:

ADAM - Wee O'Fiddles (now I'm wondering if I'm related to Adam?)
DAVE - Little Greentoes
TIFFANY - Tweedle O'Taters

You can have so much fun with this in the office or this weekend, while you're having St. Patrick's Day fun.

We're headed to a party tonight, and I'm giving everyone a leprechaun name.

PS: if you don't like the name it generates for you at first, you can try again.

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