Popular seafood shop, Buckingham Valley Seafood, is closed for now, due to a fire at their Durham Road location last night (Monday, October 29th), according to The Patch.

An announcement about the temporary closing came early this morning (Tuesday, October 29th) on their facebook page. The post read, "It is with great sadness that our store will be temporary closed due to a fire that happened last night. We are devastated and thankful to all the firefighters that responded to the call."

Lingohocken Fire Company responded to the scene at around 9:40pm, with fire in the roof area.

I'm not sure how bad the damage is. The Patch said is was visible this morning, with the roof and front door being boarded up. Obviously, it was bad enough to have to stay closed for a little while. Even if there was smoke damage, all of the food would have to be thrown away, the place thoroughly cleaned, and food replaced, I would imagine.

What ashame. I certainly hope they get back on their feet again soon.



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