My family and I often sit around a dinner or dessert table and reminisce about good times we've had over the years. We have countless memories since we owned a beach house in Seaside Heights for a long time and both my grandparents both had waterfront homes in Ocean County. So we had lots of memories of the Jersey Shore from when we were younger and some memories stick out as we vacationed at my family's Seaside Heights home every single summer for a week. Seaside Heights had lots of traditions and events that they have every year and one of them was weekly fireworks. I wanna say they had them every Wednesday night and they shot them off from the beach and we watched them on the boardwalk. My family and I always went and it was something we always looked forward to. It's been many years, but I know that many shore towns still shoot off fireworks weekly, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, a bunch of them have stopped shooting them off so they do not draw crowds and put people at risk of contracting the virus.

According to, Wildwood is bringing back their weekly fireworks as coronavirus cases have been on the decline in New Jersey. Starting August 7th, the weekly fireworks will return to Rio Grande Ave at 10pm. also reports that if there is rain that day, the fireworks will take place the following day. I would imagine organizers want spectators to social distance and wear masks to watch the fireworks. I think this goes without saying nowadays, but it never hurts to tell people to keep practicing these safe habits to keep themselves healthy.

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