In New Jersey and Philadelphia, water ice (or Italian ice) is a summertime favorite, but in other parts of the country, shaved ice is the frozen treat of choice.  That's why it's a little surprising that a restaurant in Asbury Park earned a spot on the Food Network's Best Shaved Ice Desserts in the Country list.

The dessert getting the accolades is the Watermelon Shaved Ice at Betty's Icebox, which is located on the boardwalk in Asbury Park.


Here's how Food Network describes Betty's Watermelon Shaved Ice...

"The shaved ice lies on top of some vanilla soft serve and chunks of fresh watermelon, and is dotted with mini chocolate chips to make it look like the real thing (and make for an Instagrammable moment!)."

Sounds delicious, doesn't it?  But if watermelon isn't your thing, Betty's offers lots of other frozen treats, including "made from scratch" ice pops that come in flavors like strawberry, Jersey peach, honeydew, milk and cookies, and blueberry lavender.  

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