I have MoviePass and in the beginning it was my movie golden ticket because I could see a regular 2D movie a day. Now the movie selection within the app has dwindled and my other friends who had MoviePass have canceled their subscriptions. I haven't given up my card just yet, but is it time to move on? AMC Theatres have launched their own competing movie plan known as, AMC A-List, and now Sinemia has joined in to compete.

I was reading on Techcrunch.com that Sinemia's new service brought back the unlimited movie plan for $30. You can see the movie you want, when you want, at any theater, and they don't block you from seeing new releases.

This may actually beat the other movie subscription services because you can customize your plan. You can choose a plan that will give access to one 2D ticket a month or a plan that will get you 3 movie tickets a month for formats like IMAX and 3D. They even offer a family plan. Another perk of Sinemia is they allow you get your tickets online in advance.

It's sad, but it may be time to pass on MoviePass. It was great while it lasted. It definitely changed the movie industry. Time will tell if these new unlimited ticket models and movie subscription services will last. I know I will try and enjoy them for as long as they're around.

Learn more about Sinemia in the video below.

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