Listen up theatergoers: The Bucks County Playhouse (located on South Main Street in New Hope) just announced the schedule for their upcoming 80th season, and it's a great lineup. By the way, I didn't realize it had been around that long.

The season will kick off May 17th with the show, 'Dial M for Murder.' It will run through June 15th.

Next up is one of my favorites, 'Mamma Mia.' I bet you didn't know that I love ABBA music. I can't wait to see it. I've already got my date all lined up. It runs June 28th - August 3rd. There are a bunch of other great shows on the way too. Check out the schedule HERE.

You can get season tickets now on their website. Prices start at $200 for 4 shows. Tickets for Dial M for Murder are available now too. Tickets for all of the other upcoming shows will be available in April.

The Deck Restaurant and Bar is open. If you're looking for a job, they're hiring. Click here for info. Plus, you can buy someone special a gift card to the theatre or The Deck. What a great gift.

If you haven't been to the theatre, you really should experience it. It's rich in history. Check out their website for more info.

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