According to Philly Voice, you can get some ice cream with your pup at Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia. Franklin Fountain will now serve a new line of frozen dog ice cream they call Fido Freezers. They are made with ingredients that are totally safe for dogs and even ones who are sensitive to wheat and dairy. The ice cream treats for your pup are only $2.50 and come in three flavors. The flavors of Fido Freezers are Cheddar Bacon Bit, Pretzel Strawberry and Peanut Butter Oat. I know my pup will love the cheddar bacon bit. Franklin Fountain is located at 116 Market St in Philadelphia and the treats are available now.


I love bringing my dog Stella anywhere. We love her so much and we really treat her like our child. She loves going in the car, she loves going for walks and she loves playing outside. I even found some dog friendly restaurants in our area. I would love to have some ice cream with my girl Stella, especially because we've given her doggy frozen yogurt before and she loved it. She gets it whenever she's a really good girl or on her birthday. She has a very sensitive stomach, so we have to watch what we give her. Especially since Philadelphia just eased their restrictions, I think a lot of people will be out and about, especially when the weather gets warmer. Hopefully dog owners will head to Franklin Fountain in Philly.

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