There are fewer things more satisfying and comforting than biting into a fresh, hot, crunchy, perfectly piece of good old fried chicken!

Perfecting that piece of fried chicken takes years of expereience, practice and love! And after 70 years, this hidden gem inside a flea market has perfected that practice.

Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash
Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash
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So where can you find the BEST fried chicken in New Jersey?

It's the Chicken Coop inside the Columbus Farmer's Market, located at 2919 US-206, in Columbus New Jersey, according to Right in Burlington County!

What's their secret? 70 years of experience, and lots of FRESH soy oil that's frequently changed. They go through several hundred pounds of chicken and potatoes in their 4-day work week!

This is a humble establishment, and it's not very fancy. The food speaks for itself. You won't find them on Instagram. They don't even have a website. That's how much of a hidden gem they are!

They're also pretty famous for their jo-jo's - breaded and fried chunks of potatoes that look way better than your average french fries.

You know the food is, as the kids say, "bussin'" when it comes in styrofoam containers! No fuss,

There's also the Coop Cafe nearby where you can grab breakfast, chicken sandwiches, and ice cream!

Chicken Coop has even been a part of's list of the state's best fried chicken every year since 2018! Check out their full in-depth rundown of this place HERE!


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