Always tip your bartenders!! They take care of you and get you buzzed and  you repay them with a tip. Everyone knows that rule, right? It's common courtesy.

But here’s a question for you, do you think it is right to tip your flight attendants? You're already spending a big chunk of money on the flight and now they want a tip? What is going on here!

When purchasing a drink during the flight, Frontier Airline is now giving passengers the option to leave gratuity of 15%, 20%, 25% or a custom amount . Yes, Frontier made gratuity a thing now.

A blogger from experienced the gratuity incident on Frontier Airline’s flight. He mentioned that he wanted to makes sure that the flight attendants were receiving the gratuity and it wasn't an airline corporate scheme to make more money.

Now that this became a thing we wonder how long it will take for other airlines to catch on to it. Which airline will be the next to jump on this new trend of requesting gratuity after purchasing refreshments.

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