Up until a few days ago, I had no clue who Geoffrey Owens was. I didn't regularly watch the "Cosby Show" to know his most notable role as Sandra Huxtable's husband, Elvin Tibideaux, but, thanks to the Internet, I do now. Geoffrey's story went viral after a shopper recognized him and posted a picture of him working at a Trader Joe's in Clifton, New Jersey.

I know the story has been getting a lot of attention recently, but it got too much attention that was negative. I saw this morning on NJ.com that the actor quit his job at Trader Joe's for feeling shamed about his job.

My brother is an aspiring actor, and I know from him, that getting a steady acting job is hard to come by. The entertainment industry is rough and not kind at times. That being noted, I think there's a definite silver lining in all this because everyone loves a good comeback! The news about Geoffrey's story reached Tyler Perry and he tweeted Geoffrey a personal invite to join him on set of his popular drama on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Geoffrey was even interviewed on Good Morning America about his recent story that was making headlines.

I believe that photo of Geoffrey should not be seen as something to be ashamed of. I think of it as a blessing in disguise. This could be the beginning of the next wave of consistent acting roles for him!

You can read more about Geoffrey's story here

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