Helzberg Diamonds want to marry you and your honey right in their store, so says their website, and it's free. That's different, but it sounds kind of fun. You could elope to Quaker Bridge Mall.

Helzberg has ordained hundreds of their associates through an exclusive partnership with Universal Life Church, so they can legally perform your ceremony (during regular business hours, of course). They're saying that no purchase necessary. Although, I'm sure their hopes are you buy the rings in store.

Helzberg is calling it, "Hitched at Helzberg" and they say that different kinds of weddings are the norm now, so why not get married in their store, and again, it's free. I'm sure they'll make it nice for you. You have to bring the marriage license and a few witnesses, and they'll take care of the rest. After the ceremony, they'll give you a custom celebration kit, including a commemorative marriage certificate. Fun.

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