Summer will officially be over on September 22 and that makes many people sad. With that being said, you have to squeeze in the last-minute summer activities before the cold weather comes and you have to bundle up.

One thing that I am a little upset that I didn't do this year was kayaking. I ran into this TikTok video that has what can possibly be called the best kayaking experience ever.

I mean the TikTok video shows people kayaking at night and you get this beautiful view of New York City.

No, you are not kayaking in the dark. From the looks of multiple social media posts, the kayaks and paddleboards actually have LED lights.

This place that offers the Night LED Tour is called Urban Paddle and it lets you tour the Hudson at nighttime.

This whole nighttime kayaking thing may be pretty and all but it is not that cheap. These are the prices according to the Urban Paddle website.

  • $80 Single Kayaks - Adult Ages 6+
  • $150 Double Kayaks - Two Adults Ages 12+ 
  • $150 Double Kayaks - Adult & Child Adult (Ages 12+) & Child (Ages 6+) 

It is stated on the website that the max weight on the double kayaks is 400 lbs.

A little pricey if you ask me but Urban Paddle calls it "the best paddle experience on the Hudson."

The nighttime tour is a one-hour long tour. It also stated on Urban Paddle's website that "night paddle is conducted in [our] protected harbor in a tranquil safe setting."

This wouldn't be a bad last-minute summer activity.

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