Super Bowl LVII is almost here! You getting hungry yet?

I think we can all agree that food is EVERYTHING when it comes to game-watching parties. Pizza, burgers, hot wings, chips and dip, beer, soda... and for us here in New Jersey and Philadelphia, hoagies and cheesesteaks also play a big part!

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According to, the average American will consume a whopping 2,400 calories on Super Bowl Sunday!

Americans will eat an estimated 11.2 million pounds of potato chips, 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips, 3 million pounds of nuts, 49.2 million cans of beer, and 1 BILLION chicken wings!!

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loading... dove into the Google stats for Super Bowl food searched in New Jersey. Here are the Top 10 most-searched food items and the number of searches in New Jersey on Super Bowl Sunday in 2022:

Dig in!
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  1. Pizza Slices 102,827
  2.  Burgers 57,296
  3. Chicken Wings 41,531
  4. Cookies 22,096
  5. Chili 19,269
  6. Ice Cream 19,081
  7. BBQ Ribs 15,744
  8. Chips n Dips 15,372
  9. Shrimp 14,233
  10. Meatballs 8,939

Here are the numbers for the most-searched Dips in New Jersey:

Spicy Homemade Cheesey Queso Dip
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  1. Buffalo Chicken - 5,964
  2. Guacamole - 3,658
  3. Salsa - 2,999
  4. Hummus - 2,598
  5. Queso - 1,697

What are you getting/making for your Super Bowl party? Which foods can you absolutely not go without? If you ask me, I'm going with pizza and chicken wings! Make it a mega-cheat day on Sunday!

Of course, Super Bowl LVII between The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs is on Sunday, Feb 12. GO BIRDS!


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