It’s official! The first Hell’s Kitchen restaurant on the East Cost is accepting reservations NOW! It’s been a long time coming and people are so excited for this restaurant to open.

Hell’s Kitchen is just one of Chef Gorden Ramsay’s most popular dining experiences and now if you make your way down to Atlantic City, New Jersey, you’ll finally be able to state some of his award-winning dishes.


If you’re anything like me, I’m a huge Master Chef fan and a fan of Gorden Ramsay himself, so this entire experience is so exciting to me!

Hell’s Kitchen is officially taking reservations starting today, Friday, September 2, on the Open Table app. This is not Gorden Ramsay’s first Atlantic City restaurant in Atlantic City though.

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His other dining experiences you can check out in that area are Gorden Ramsey Steak at Harrah's Resort and another is Gorden Ramsay Pub & Grill which is located at Ceasars.

Hell’s Kitchen will also be at Ceasers and will be 3 levels of dining with 233 seats. The coolest part about this is you feel like you’re really in his show, Hell’s Kitchen when you dine at these restaurants because they’re all modeled exactly the same.


The menu will include the most famous menu items from the show and the winner of season 21 will become the executive chef! Some of Gorden’s signature dishes that will be featured on the menu are his Pan Seared Scallops, Beef Willington, Lobster Risotto, and more!

To secure your seat, you can find information here or you can book through the Open Table app!

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