Over the weekend Governor Murphy declared that live graduations and wave-parades are prohibited due to the stay-at-home mandate. A lot of people strongly disagreed with Murphy's position and took to social media to express their anger.

Earlier today, Governor Murphy's administration clarified his decision and said wave parades are allowed as long as they don't involve large gatherings.

According to NJ.com, Col. Patrick J. Callahan, superintendent of the State Police, said people can drive vehicles by a graduate's house and have a wave parade, saying: "We would never and could not prevent vehicles from driving by."

Governor Murphy also said earlier today that the state isn't ruling out live graduations this summer.

This comes as many local Shore towns begin opening their beaches and revising their boardwalk rules & regulations for the post-coronavirus world. With New Jersey's weather heating up and 80-degree-temperatures possible this week, only time will tell how strict residents remain with their personal social distancing policies.

Click HERE for the full story on the wave parades update from NJ.com.

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