I've been in those long New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission lines before. They can definitely be a little rough but it looks like the Governor of New Jersey is trying to help everyone. According to NJ.com, Governor Phil Murphy has signed a couple of bills that will help senior citizens as well as those that have recently moved to the Garden State.

It was stated on NJ.com that one part of the bill signed by Governor Murphy will allow senior citizens (drivers 65 and up) to keep the same driver's license picture for 8 years instead of 4. Four years is the normal amount of time for all New Jersey driver's license before the picture must be updated. This bill will also allow senior citizens as well as individuals with certain medical conditions who can not wear a face covering to schedule an appointment for the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

Governor Murphy told NJ.com, “This legislation will reduce wait times and allow our vulnerable populations to have the access they need to obtain critical services.” That is a good move because New Jerseyans will take whatever helps them get their stuff done quicker at NJ MVC and not have to be there at 5 am for a ticket in.

We also learned from NJ.com that the other part of the bill will benefit all of the new Garden State residents. Normally, new New Jersey residents have 60 days to transfer over all of the vehicle information and get their new driver's license. With the new bill signed by Governor Murphy, it will give new residents an extra 60 days.

If this cuts down the line and makes things a little faster then it will benefit many New Jerseyans that have to get things done at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

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