You may be able to skip the trip to the Motor Vehicle Commission if you have some business to take of in the next few months because the MVC Mobile Unit is coming to Princeton, according to Princeton Government.

The first of three pop-ups will be Tuesday, April 5th. The other two will be Friday, June 24th and Monday, September 26th. All three events will be from 10am - 2pm at 1 Monument Drive in the Monument Hall parking lot. If you're not familiar, it's at the corner of Route 206 and Stockton Street.

Here's what you'll be able to take care of at the pop-up:

License services: Renew your driver's license, get a duplicate license, change your information on your license (name and address), turn in old license plates, and more.

ID Cards: You can get a photo id that's not a driver's license.

Registration: You can renew your registration or get a duplicate card.

Real ID - A limited amount of people can get this. Click here for more details.

Placards: You can get placards for people with disabilities, disabled veterans, and Purple Heart recipients.

YOU MUST REGISTER for these events by emailing the office of Senator Zwicker. The address is, attention Pam Hersh.

Check out the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission website here.

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