Mastoris in Bordentown has a new addition to their restaurant and are having a party to celebrate according to their Facebook page.

The new addition is called The Vibe at Mastoris and it's an outdoor bar with lots of fun stuff. They're having a grand opening event on Friday, June 18th at 4pm to celebrate. There will be a free buffet for all to enjoy, plus lots of drink specials. The Vibe at Mastoris has fantastic hand crafted signature cocktails, martinis, and 16 beers on tap.

Even after their grand opening, The Vibe at Mastoris seems like the place to be. They will have live bands, cornhole tournaments, happy hour specials every day from 5-7pm and a free bar buffet every Thursday. There are also 15 big screens to watch any game or big event happening on tv.

The big grand opening announcement is very exciting considering we've been hearing commercials on PST for months now about The Vibe at Mastoris. I know they were supposed to have a mask burning party last weekend, but the weather was cold and rainy so they decided to cancel it.

I believe that The Vibe at Mastoris will do well since everyone knows Mastoris and it's a popular place. With this new opening and mask mandates being lifted, I am sure people will flock to it and enjoy themselves. I definitely can't wait to have a date night The Vibe and have some drinks with my hubby.

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