This Sunday (July 19th) is National Ice Cream Day. A favorite day for many, I'm sure. You know how to celebrate. Eat as much ice cream as you can. Eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lol.

With the temperatures soaring into the upper 90s on Sunday, you might as well try to stay cool by visiting one (or all) of my favorite ice cream shops in the area. You and your friends could call it the Ice Cream Crawl. I could see you all wearing matching t-shirts. Geez...why didn't I think about this sooner? Lol.

Here are my top 3 suggestions:

Purple Cow in Lawrenceville - It's the cutest little shop right on Main Street with over 24 flavors. My favorites are Monster Cookie (a bunch of different cookies smashed up in vanilla ice cream) and their signature, Purple Cow (black raspberry with chocolate chips).

Gil & Bert's in Cranbury - My hometown has a walk up ice cream shop on Main Street that's rich in history. The house was once my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Gilbert's home, now converted into an adorable ice cream shop. All the flavors have a Cranbury nickname, like the Viking Vanilla (I was a Cranbury School Viking from Kindergarten - 8th grade). My favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter, and new for this year...soft serve.

Heavanly Havens in Allentown - Allentown, NJ, that is. Their homemade ice cream is so good, and they have some cool unique flavors like, Brianna's Cookie explosion (vanilla base with brownie bites, cookie dough bites and oreos), Chocoalte Orange, Chocolate Peppermint Chip, Olaf (vanilla with brownies, vanilla Chips, marshmallow and fudge), Squirrels Gone Nuts (chocolate with oreos, peanut butter, walnuts & cake crunch), and so many more. Check out what they have in stock here. They have vegan flavors too, by the way.

There are so many more awesome places....Captain Paul's in Lawrenceville, Halo Pub in Hamilton, and Thomas Sweet in Princeton and also some that I've never been too, but, would love to try like Uncle Ed's in Pennington and Bordentown Cremery.

You scream, I know the rest. Lol. Enjoy.

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