Today's the day many in Lawrenceville and the surrounding area (including me) have been waiting for.

The new Melba Ice Creamery is now open (Thursday, June 22nd) on Main Street. You know where it is. It's taken over the spot where The Purple Cow ice cream shop was.

The big news was announced back in December that the beloved owners of The Purple Cow, Cindy and Tom Pearce, were retiring and the owner of the most popular bakery in town, The Gingered Peach, was taking over. If there had to be new owners, this is the best possible scenario...Joanne and her staff are the best.

A post from The Gingered Peach in December read in part, "We are proud to announce that in summer 2023 (it seemed so far away back in December and here we are, already) the team at The Gingered Peach will be bringing you the same ice cream you know and love from Purple Cow with a peachy twist. We are humbled by the Pearce family's faith in us to carry on their legacy, and excited to serve our community in a new way. 2023 here we come."

Melba Ice Creamery will be serving up handmade ice cream and other treats like shakes and cakes.

I can't wait to see what the "peachy twist" is...I'm sure I'll love it as I'm a loyal customer of The Gingered Peach and have been for years. I'm crossing my fingers there's a flavor similar to The Purple Cow's signature flavor, Purple Cow, which was Black Raspberry with chocolate chips.

Incase you're wondering, here's Melba. See if you can find the hidden NJ reference. I did right away.

The new Melba Ice Creamery is located at 2685 Main Street in downtown Lawrenceville. Go check it out. I have no doubt you'll love it.

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