Soon you may be able to get groceries at Kohl's. This apparently isn't "new news," but I'm just hearing about it for the first time. I think it's a great idea!

If I can check two things off my to-do list in one spot, it's a win.

According to Inc., many larger stores are in the process of downsizing their retail spaces. Kohl's is one of them. With more people shopping online, stores simply don't need the square footage they used to. So, what do they do with all the extra space? Lease it or partner with another business that would bring foot traffic to both spaces.

Kohl's came up with the idea to sell groceries. Of course, there was speculation that they would join forces with Whole Foods because Kohl's already had a partnership with Amazon. But, no.

Kohl's first grocery partner is Aldi, according to the report

It's only being tested in a few stores, but they say that they'd like to expand the service across the country. From what it sounds like, the stores wouldn't be inside Kohl's, but instead, they'd be adjacent to them. Aldi may not be the only partner either.

Other types of businesses would work well too, like fitness centers. Gym + Kohl's anyone? For more details, click here.

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