During these tough times, we are looking for any funny and positive news. Right now a Philadelphia groundhog is bringing a smile to many people’s faces.

6abc.com recently shared a video of the 'pizza groundhog' and its an automatic classic video. It's way easier on the eye than the New York 'pizza rat.' No one likes rats.

According to 6abc, Kristin, who is from Philadelphia's Brewerytown, recorded the 'pizza groundhog'. She said that the "cute" groundhog sat there for about an hour just enjoying the sun and some cheese pizza.

Good thing the sliding door was closed because in the video it shows two big dogs that didn’t look too happy to have a groundhog intruder chilling in their backyard.

6abc said, “Move over rat ... it's time to meet the "Pizza Groundhog!" and we agree 100% with that statement.

We hope the Philly groundhog brought a smile to your face during this quarantine.

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