Guy Fieri has opened new restaurants in our area. They're delivery only and are operating out of existing restaurants, but the early reviews say the food is good.  

Fieri is taking a different approach to the traditional restaurant experience with the new project. He's opening hundreds of new Flavortown Kitchens across the US.

Yahoo reports, his Flavortown Kitchen Delivery Only Restaurants are basically ghosted kitchens.

So what is a ghost kitchen? A ghost kitchen is a restaurant in rented kitchen space and Flavortown is one of those places. The menus are of course amazing. I wouldn't expect anything less from Guy Fieri.

In some of our local cases, the "Guy Fieri's kitchen" is open in existing restaurants like the Bertucci's in Bensalem. We have a complete list below. 

Since it's delivery only, you just go to the Flavortown Kitchen website, pick the location closest to you, choose your items, out in your address, pay and BOOM! Your order can be ready ASAP or you can schedule a time for it to be delivered.

Here's a list of Flavortown Kitchen locations in our area:



The pandemic has forced business owners to think differently and adjust to the needs and comfort levels of their restaurant guests. Restaurant owners have had to up their delivery and take-out systems and some have had to make an outdoor area and even go so far as to heat those outdoor areas during the colder fall and winter months. This is the only way they'll survive.

So I love this. In fact, I think we could it for our next date night at home.

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